Eye Report

Amie has her Daddy’s eyes.  In other words, no problems and the dr thinks she will be fine for a long time.  James has a little bit of astigmatism in his left eye.  The dr wants him to come in again in 6 months and have another check.  Christine is slightly nearsighted, but he doesn’t think it’s too bad and hopes it will correct itself without glasses.  She’ll come in with James in 6 months.  AnnaBeth has astigmatism in both eyes.  She goes back in 2 weeks for a re-check with the drops in her eyes to help the pupils dilate.  She may be getting glasses.  All the kids picked out glasses before their appointment, just in case.  I like the ones we found for AnnaBeth.  They’ve been written down, so they remember the frames and can make them if the dr thinks she really needs them.

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