Guinea Pigs

I don’t know what I’ve written about these little creatures here. I’ve kind of forgotten.

Christine got a pretty little tri-colored female guinea pig for her birthday. She named her Cream. A few months later, we heard about someone who needed to get rid of their guinea pig because the mother was allergic to it and the girl was too young to really take care of it properly. James had been helping take care of the different pets we already had here in the hope that he could have a pet of his own, so we said we’d take the guinea pig for him. We didn’t tell him about it, so when our friend brought the animal into our house, it was a surprise. His is a cinnamon colored female whom the girl who previously owned her called Chocolate. He decided to keep the name.

So, we now have Cream and Chocolate. We get them out of the cages and let them run around the living room. They are social and like to talk to us in these squeaks that sound so enthusiastic. It makes me smile. One of the things I find really funny is that Charlie, my big kitty cat, is afraid of them. Cream will run around the living room chasing Charlie. It is quite hilarious. Chocolate is older and less active, so when she’s out, she slowly walks around.

I think guinea pigs are good pets. Both James and Christine take care of them and I have never had to feed, water, or take care of the cages. Jeremy had to make sure Cream was fed once when the rest of us were gone, but otherwise, the two owners have been very good at caring for their pets. They get them out for exercise, they cuddle them (the guinea pigs both like being cuddled), and they talk to them.

I’m proud of my children for the responsibilities they’ve taken with these pets.

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