Made Follow-Up Appointment

I’m taking AnnaBeth to the dr tomorrow afternoon. I was referred to a male dr, but they gave me the option of any of the pediatricians. Since she is kind of modest and one of the bites is on her chest, I asked for a female dr. She was horrified on Friday night when she thought she was going to have to show her chest to a male and later relieved when she found out that she was able to have a female tech, nurse, and dr there.

I’ll update you all on how it goes.

Oh, and James is doing better. This was a bit of a longer period of sickness than he’s had before and he wasn’t up to do anything for a few days. Yesterday, he stayed home from church with Jeremy. Today, other than a bit of stuffiness and still not too active, he is doing well. He even went outside for a little bit this morning.

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  1. I hope everything goes will with AnnaBeth and I’m happy that James is feeling better. You guys are in my thoughts.

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