New Nephew!

My sister, Jill, finally had her baby! On Sunday night, as Jeremy and I were finishing up Youth Group, I got a phone call. “I’m at the hospital, walking around. They’ll tell me in an hour if I’m going to stay.” I knew the next phone call would be telling me she was staying. I got home, packed my bag, and waited for the next phone call. It actually came an hour and a half later. “We’re going to have a baby!” AND I was off… driving 5 hours down to St Louis.

I was glad to have a good speaker phone on my cell. I talked a lot on my way down. I called different friends who I knew would be up late and talked and talked. Plus, Jill and Rob would call and give me updates. At 1am, I was still an hour away from the hospital, but I got the phone call… “It’s a boy!”

I got to the hospital at 2am and met the proud Daddy at the nursery window. Baby I was laying right there. He was so little… 6lb, 10oz. Wow! I stayed out there and talked to Rob a while, letting Jill have some rest. After a bit, we went into the room and I gave her a hug. They brought baby in and he ate and then Auntie Julie enjoyed some early morning cuddles.

I left the hospital around 5am on Monday morning, grabbed some food, and went to the house. I got about an hour of sleep before the other kids woke me up. T, N, and B were all surprised to see me there. B wasn’t sure what to think… Mommy and Daddy were gone and Auntie Julie was there. He was a bit hesitant around me, but after breakfast, he was okay. Rob’s mom was there and after I made sure the kids had food, she let me get a few more hours of sleep. After I woke up, I took the kids to the hospital to meet their new brother. It was very cute watching them. After we left the hospital, we had lunch and then I kind of supervised the kids from the couch while they played. I was pretty exhausted. Rob came home and helped me get dinner and put the kids to bed and I went to bed fairly early that night myself.

The next day, Tuesday, I got the kids up, they ate, got dressed, and we took off for the St Louis zoo. We spent most of the day there. It was a lot of fun. We got home about two hours before Rob, Jill, and baby arrived home. The kids were so excited that their baby brother was coming home that they played out in the front yard the whole two hours, waiting for them.

On Wednesday, I took care of the the kids and let Jill rest as much as I could. The kids kept wanting to see Mommy or help with the baby. I don’t blame them. Baby had a Dr’s appointment around B’s naptime and the girls wanted to stay with their new brother, so Jill took them with her while B and I tried to nap. “Tried” is the word… B did NOT nap. He sang and sang and then talked and talked and then started crying. I got him out and read him books for a bit.

That evening, after Rob got home to help, I left and met my best friend, Michelle. We had dinner and then drove around just talking and talking. We had a Starbucks stop and sat outside talking until they started turning off the lights. We finally went our own ways a little before midnight. I headed back to Jill’s house and got a bit of sleep before the baby woke me up crying. I’d told her I would help out so she could sleep. She nursed him and then I kept him inbetween feedings. I got some sleep in there too.

On Thursday morning, when Jill took the baby for his early morning feeding, I got my bags repacked up and left… driving home. Jeremy had a meeting he had to be at for work in the early afternoon, so I needed to get home so he could go in. My kids were lovely and let me have a nice nap after I got home and then we talked about their cousins, especially the new one. Now we need to figure out a time to bring them all down to meet him.

BTW, James is a very happy boy since there is another boy in the family. LoL

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