No more pacifiers!

Noelle did it herself. Not on purpose though. Jeremy is the only one who gets her out of the crib without making sure she spits out her paci. She tried to get away with it when he got her out yesterday. He took her straight from the crib to the van for our church’s evening service. Her paci is now somewhere at our church.

No Paci. No Walmart for 30 miles. No parent willing to go that far at that time of night. Cold Turkey for Baby. (Same thing happened for James at 16 months old)

Well, we’d planned on trying to take it away soon anyway.

She wasn’t happy about it and stayed up pretty late last night (she didn’t cry the whole time, but had to learn how to go to sleep without it which took her a while,) but she settled down to her nap okay after a bit of crying today (probably since she was so exhausted.) It’ll probably take a few days for her to get used to not having it, but she’ll be fine.

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