Noelle’s Puppy

The friend who brought me flowers has a new little shih tzu puppy. She brought him over for a small amount of time to show us and let the kids play with him. (We had the cats in their cage during that time, just in case.) They enjoyed playing with him. That next Monday was when Jeremy and I went to Chicago and the kids stayed Sunday night with Jeremy’s parents. When we came to pick them up, his mom said that Noelle had taken a small pillow and named it Muffy. She was pretending it was her puppy. Apparently, she played with it almost all day. I didn’t hear much about Muffy for a few days. Near the end of last week, it was in the 70s and sunny, so my friend and I took the kids and her puppy to the park. The kids each took a turn at walking the puppy around. The next day, Noelle was talking about how much she missed Muffy since her doggy was at Grandma’s house. Then this morning, she decided she had a puppy here too. She has named him Spikey. She was telling Spikey all about her other puppy at Grandma’s house and how much he would enjoy playing with her. I found it quite amusing. So, now she has two puppies, one here and one at Grandma’s house.

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