Our Crazy Vacation

Well, we moved into our new house on June 7, Sat and continued until the next Mon, with a quick trip on Tues when I realized we had forgot to get everything out of one closet. We’ve had our vacation scheduled for months. We had paid for most of it already. It started on that Tuesday, after we got done moving and getting a little organized. We left at 3:30 pm. We stopped at a rest area for supper. I’d made tuna salad for sandwiches and put it into our cooler. We traveled through the night, Jeremy and I switching our driving and resting. At 3:00 am, we were both really tired, so we pulled into a rest area and slept for a bit, but I didn’t sleep long. I was okay after an hour and continued on our way. We only had a little more time on the interstate before getting off and using the rural highways to get to Lake George, NY. We were using directions from Google maps, but I missed a turn somewhere. We were going in the right direction, so I didn’t mind. After a while, we came to the highway our motel was on, so we just turned on it. I love those rural highways. The scenery is so spectacular.

We stopped in Corinth, NY for a breakfast of some donuts I’d brought along. We ended up in Lake George around 9:30 am. Check-in time wasn’t until 3 pm, so we drove around just a little and then stopped at a drug store for the sunscreen and camera batteries that I had forgotten to buy beforehand. (Sorry, but there are no pictures from Lake George as I took them with my film camera so I could get better pics. I’ll share them when I get them developed.) It was still only 11 am and we were all worn out, so we headed over to the motel to see if we could check in early. Yay! It’s the off season and they only had a few rooms being used, so they had our room ready for us. We brought in our stuff and then we all took naps. After 2 hours, we (except Jeremy) all woke up and had peanut butter and honey sandwiches for lunch. The kids changed into their swimsuits and we went down to the motel’s beach. Amie, James, and Christine had a lot of fun wading and swimming around in the water. It doesn’t get deep very fast, so they were able to go out fairly far and still able to stand with it only halfway up their chests. AnnaBeth got in up to her waist and Noelle only got her feet wet. I sat on the boat dock that went around the swimming area and dangled my feet in the water. It was too cold for me. We just rested there by the lake for the rest of the day. Jeremy woke up about an hour after us and joined us out there. He went up to the local grocery store and got us some stuff to grill for dinner.

At dinner time, Amie was itching the back of her head and pulled her hand out and there was a little blood on her finger. My first thought was that she had a tick, so I asked her to let me see. She had spots all down her back! Then I checked James and Christine. They had them as well. Since I don’t bathe, clothe, or do Amie’s hair any more, I had no idea how long she’d had them. I could tell that hers was the earliest as she had many more. We thought it was chicken pox at first, but after a bit I decided it didn’t really look like those. We had to decide what we were going to do after we checked out on Friday. We had planned on going to a family reunion in New Hampshire, but there was a little baby there with health problems, so we couldn’t do that now. The spots didn’t seem to be affecting the kids too much except for a little less appetite, so we decided to stay at the motel until Friday as planned, than my Grandpa offered to let us stay at his house in Massachusetts during the time of the family reunion even though he’d be up in NH with the family.

On Thursday, we had some biscuits for breakfast and then we took a walk. AnnaBeth started not feeling well then and running a small fever, so Jeremy took her back to the motel. The other kids and I went down to the park and boardwalk, then after playing and taking pictures, we headed back. Afterwards, the kids wanted to swim in the pool, so Jeremy got his swimsuit on and we all headed over to the pool. Noelle and AnnaBeth just played on the stairs. I sat on the edge with my feet on the top step, playing with them a bit. Then they decided later to play on the playset, so I watched them while Jeremy stayed at the pool with the three older kids. We didn’t really want to have to make that extra long trip back so quickly as well as ruin Christine’s summer plans (explained later) so we went to Grandpa’s house on Friday. We went on rural highways and roads through Vermont using directions from Google. It was so great. I loved seeing some of those old New England houses and churches. The directions took us the “scenic route” on a long dirt road for the last 7 miles before we hit the interstate close to the Vermont/Mass border. Not long after getting into Massachusetts we stopped for a lunch of meat and cheese sandwiches (our little cooler did a lot of duty during this vacation, but it sure saved us a bunch of money).

We got to Grandpa’s house about 3 pm and unpacked our things. The kids went outside to play and run around. They had a lot of fun. That’s about all we did during the time we were there. I went out and checked out what of the herbs from my Grandma’s garden might have come out this year since she wasn’t there to plant it. I found some mint and dill. It really hit me that she was gone and I wouldn’t see her anymore while I was there. I spent most of the time going through some stuff that Grandpa had for any of his children/grandchildren to pick stuff of hers for us. I picked out some clothes I really liked and one of her aprons. We have two aprons from Grandma Anna (Jeremy’s grandma), so I wanted one of my own Grandma’s as well. My girls like wearing them for dress-up or when we’re making something that they might get messy with. I also got some of her cookbooks that Mom picked out for me.

On Sunday, Grandpa, my aunt Becca, Mom, Jill (my sister), and my nieces came down from the reunion. My kids were so happy to see their cousins. My mom and sister couldn’t stay for long, only for lunch and to pack up Christine’s stuff. My mom was taking her on down to NC with her. (Amie went two years ago and James went last year.) Christine’s been talking about her turn for a year. My dad’s work goes to Hilton Head every year for a conference and spouses, children, and grandchildren are invited to come enjoy themselves, so Christine is so excited to get to go this year. My other two enjoyed their special time and I know Christine will as well. Anyway, back to Sunday. After lunch, we tried to get a picture of all 7 cousins, but it was hard. Then they took off.

The rest of us (Jeremy and I with the four other kids and my Aunt Becca) stayed that night before leaving. My kids really enjoyed getting to know Aunt Becca, I think. She teld funny stories and read books to them. Noelle kept calling her Grandma. She said that there needed to be a Grandma since there was a Grandpa. Aunt Becca didn’t mind. On Monday, we took our time getting everything packed up. I think we accidentally left a sleeping bag, but it was getting all torn up, so we probably would have thrown it away anyway. We drove a little more than halfway before stopping just west of Cleveland, Ohio and getting a hotel for the night and then we finished the drive home this last Tuesday. I’ve been busy with the house and catching up and all since then.

The pictures of the new house, some of the vacation, and some random kid pictures are up on my flickr.

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  1. Does sound like a crazy vacation! I hope everyone is all better now. I enjoyed your pictures on flickr. It’s really beautiful out that way!

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