Third Kid, First Tooth

Christine finally lost her first tooth this morning. It’s been loose for a very long time. She woke Jeremy and I up by announcing how loose it was this morning, so much looser than before. When I was getting dishes washed, she came over to show me and I told her that I bet it could easily be pulled out. She was kind of nervous at first, but tried anyway and out it came, no pain at all. Now she’s waiting for the other bottom front one to get loose enough. Unfortunately, I can’t get a “gap” picture. Her other two teeth already have come in behind and so there is no gap there.

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  1. Jenna’s friends are starting to lose their first teeth, and she gets up every morning and wiggles hers to see if they are loose. Unfortunately, she is like me, and she cut teeth pretty late, so she may lose her teeth pretty late like I did. I actually lost my last baby tooth during my freshman year of college, and I finally finished cutting my wisdom teeth about a year after I graduated college. My poor child may be wiggling her teeth a LONG time to try to get them to come out!

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