This is School?

That was what Amie said when I said something about her doing her homemaking schoolwork. She made hotdogs for dinner. Jeremy cooked beanless chili and I made homemade french fries and chedderwurst. After dinner, she mixed up some brownies which are in the oven right now. She did these all herself including putting them in the oven which is something she has been fearful of. The only problem we have is that the nob on our oven is gone, so we have a bit of trouble figuring out if we have the correct temperature. I realized it was not high enough when we took a check just a minute ago, so I have adjusted it and we’ll see how it goes.

Jeremy and I have discussed that when the kids are old enough, they will have at least one day every other week in which they must plan and fix a meal. Because Amie is showing such an interest in cooking and baking, we are talking about letting her have one day a month right now to do this. She has learned how to make hotdogs, mac n cheese, tuna casserole, and is interested in learning more, so this will give her a chance.

: Yummy! They came out so delicious!

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3 thoughts on “This is School?”

  1. That’s great! I think it’s a really good idea to have them cook at least once a night when they are old enough.

  2. That’s a great idea ~ her husband will thank you later! :)

    I remember when I homeschooled Friday was always our “fun” day. We would go to a nearby city (since our town was so small.) and do our grocery shopping and hit the local Wal-mart. When someone questioned my Mom about whether or not that was “schoolwork” she pretty much told them “Well, yes it is~ it’s consumer math!” …..and she was right. Most kids these days no NOTHING about everyday life and how much mathmatics play into it.

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