Well, It’s Not An Insect Allergy

But it is related to an insect. It’s Lyme Disease. We caught it in the early stages, so she should be fine. The only symptoms she’s had were the spots, fatigue, and headaches. The spots that I took pictures of and are on Flickr have been given new captions and tags. Maybe they will help someone else who has Lyme Disease in the early stages to know what they have and get treatment quickly. She has a third spot that was found yesterday on her right thigh. She’s taken naps everyday for the last week and a half and she’s had headaches two days this last weekend. She had an EKG done to check her heart and it is doing fine. She also had a blood test done to check the levels of the bacteria. She was really mad at me about the blood test, but I had warned her before we went in that she might get a shot or something. I got her some mini chocolate chip cookies afterwards and everything was okay.

The one thing that made her really happy though was that she could stop taking the yucky steroid medicine that the urgent care center had prescribed for us and is now on some yummy tasting antibiotics.

I’m keeping a log of her symptoms or anything out of character for her to give the dr an idea of how the medicine is working and to let her know if anything more pops us that we might need to check out.

Prayers for her during this are appreciated. I’m just frazzled with everything that’s been going on.

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  1. We’ll definitely be praying for you guys. Glad that the Lyme disease was caught in the early stages, that AnnaBeth’s heart is fine, and that the doctor recognized the disease. Sounds like y’all have been having a rough go of it right now, hope things get better and the Lyme disease clears up!

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