Why Is It?

that most days, the kids wake up around 7:30 or so, but when you want or need them to wake up around that time, they sleep in? *Yawn* I woke up a little earlier than when I expected the kids up this morning and they didn’t wake when they usually do. I have to take AnnaBeth and Noelle to the dentist at 9:30 am and it’s a 45 min drive, so I need to leave by 8:30 am to get down there and be there a few minutes early to fill out paperwork on them. It’s now 8:00 am and I had to wake them up. This will be Noelle’s first visit.

edit: No cavities for either one. Noelle is shy when first meeting someone and almost didn’t go back until they told her that she could watch cartoons while they looked at her teeth. They said that she wouldn’t let them into her mouth, so they only saw the front ones and they look okay.

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  1. I can totally identify with this. It is always difficult to get Jenna up on the weekday mornings at 5am when I have to get her to preschool and me to work on time. However, on the weekends or when I have a day off, and we can all sleep in, she comes bouncing into my bedroom and 5am yelling, “Good morning Mommy!”.

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