Count Your Blessings, Name Them One by One

I don’t know if I can count them, there are too many, but I’m going to tell you of some recent ones. They are ALL from God. (I’m omitting putting the obvious ones in because you all know about them.)

1. We’ve been staying in our budget and even saving a little here and there.

2. The fever/headache/sore throat flu thingy came through our house and though all of us except Jeremy got it, it wasn’t too bad and life went on as if nothing was really wrong except for missing church twice. I think Jeremy missed it because he was gone most of the time.

3. The kids sold a whole box of chocolate bars by themselves. It is fund-raising for our homeschool group’s programs. I think part of it was they weren’t pushy and they enjoyed telling people about some of the programs that we’ve had this year.

4. We were given a puppet stage and some puppets for our family ministry. (Nola, Thank you… and pass it on.)

5. Jeremy enjoyed his trip to Mountain View, CA (except for the pain from bike riding in San Francisco) and came home safe.

6. Jeremy got a bonus with his last paycheck.

7. We were finally able to purchase a new washer and dryer. Now we won’t have floods from the washer leaking and a dryer taking 3 hours to get clothes dry. We’ve been trying to find a way to get new ones for over a year. We’ve bought them and they are being delivered tomorrow. Plus, they are a pretty silvery gray.

8. We made a luxury purchase. We got a Wii. I even count my Wii arm soreness as a blessing as I know it is helping my shoulders. Seriously, I love playing Wii tennis.

9. Friends on Facebook. I finally have someone from LMU, other than Martin, find me. Hi Melanie!! Also, a few friends from way back in TN. If only I could find some I went to high school with down there.

10. We got a pretty betta fish and I like watching him swim around. It’s very relaxing.

11. Though there was a misunderstanding at church… everything got straightened out and things are better than ever between me as Praise and Worship leader and the Choir Director. I’m still assistant choir director, but only in his absence. I enjoy working with him even though sometimes we both get on each other’s nerves.

12. Charlie is sleeping at the foot of our bed again. He got freaked out a few months ago when we had to give Noelle nebulizer treatments. At the time, I was running the nebulizer on our bed and he refused to get on the bed again until Jeremy was gone and I tricked him onto coming up onto the bed. I love having his warmth at my feet.

13. Getting a broccoli cheddar soup in a bread bowl at Panera’s Bread Co. after church on Sunday. (still known as St Louis Bread Co in my mind) I love that stuff.

14. Books, books, and more books. I just love reading books. We got “The Hobbit”, combined with “The Lord of the Ring” trilogy. Jeremy and I have read them before, but they are great books to have and I was really wanting to read them again. Amie is reading “The Hobbit” right now. I also got “The Wizard of EarthSea” as I’d heard that was a good read for someone who enjoys this genre of fantasy.

15. Oh, Chiropractor appointments… My back has hurt since I was 18 and after the first few appointments, I am finally not in pain on a daily basis. Speaking of which… I need to get off now. I have an appointment today.

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