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The hotel internet had a problem with their DNS something or other. Jeremy helped them fix it. I had some internet access until this morning, but couldn’t post here at all. It was kind of annoying. I really don’t have a lot to say. Mostly we’ve been here at the waterpark. We’ve only gone out to eat for lunch each day. I had brought little cereal boxes for breakfast and sandwich makings for dinner to help us save money. Five kids sure do eat a lot. We went out today and went to a hands-on science place in town after a drive all around looking at the sights. It’s pretty here, but it’s hard for me to take pictures as I’m the one driving, so there aren’t any pictures of the scenery. *sad face* Oh well, it really is nice. I feel more at home up here in the woodsy town then down where we live near Chicago. It was a little chilly, so we didn’t get out of the van to do anything outside. I really wanted to do some hiking or ride the duck boats or something, but… oh well, maybe some other time. Yesterday, we went to this cute restaurant called Moose Jaw Pizzeria. It is loggy and rustic and has the best chicken alfredo pizza ever. Plus, I got myself a little moose. Check out my Flickr or Facebook photos to see my Bullwinkle. He’s cute. Anyway, I took some pictures, but it’s hard to take pictures when most of the time you are in the water and you don’t have a waterproof camera. I hope I got enough for you all to see the fun that we had. We plan on hitting the waterpark here one more time before leaving tomorrow.

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