Getting Started

On Saturday, we bought the materials to build the railing for the stairs. Jill’s husband, Rob, is coming up tomorrow and hopefully we can get it built.

Jeremy came down with what I had on Saturday and after we went shopping and dropped everything off at the house, he wasn’t feeling up to really doing much, so we just went through the whole house with a pad of paper and wrote down what we want to do, both short term and long term. We found a huge attic off to the side of the girls’ room which might be made into another bedroom at a somewhere in the far off future date.

On Sunday, Jeremy stayed home from church. He was really not feeling up to anything. After church, we came home and ate and I took the older three kids with me to the house. We worked for about 3 hours. James learned how to use the drill to take screws out. He was quite proud of that. It helped me get a lot more done. He worked on unscrewing some things while I went around the house and pulled all the nails out that they’d used to hang things. There were quite a lot of nails in the walls and some were at odd places. There were a few screws he had trouble with because they were in at a funny angle or something, so I had to do them, but I think he did the majority of them. He’s going to be a big help to us. Amie went around with a little pocket apron taking the nails from me and the screws from James. Christine started helping by vacuuming a room, but didn’t finish and just kind of followed Amie around most of the time. I guess I’ll vacuum when we’re there tonight while AnnaBeth is having dance class.

I hope the water is turned on today. I need it to do SO much cleaning.

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