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I’ve been having a lot of health problems lately. Some things have come up that are life long and some may not be. I guess I’m putting it up here because I want you all to be in prayer. I’m not asking for a miracle, though that would be nice, but more that I will be His witness while I go through this.

I believe that sickness came about at the beginning, at the Fall. For my non-Christian friends, that is what we call the time that Adam and Eve went against God’s command to not eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and were cast out of the Garden of Eden. God had created a perfect world, but with their sin, their wrong, they started the world, the universe, and all the inhabitants thereof to slowly breakdown over the years and generations. No matter whether Christian or not, we all will suffer from sickness of some kind at some time. Some people will only have small things like flu and colds and live long lives and die of old age and others, like me, will find out they have something a bit more and have to learn to live with it.

As a Christian, I want to be able to use what I have and show people that no matter what, I know God has me in His arms. I’m not afraid of death because I know I will go to Heaven. I know God is there for me even if I don’t feel well, if I’m exhausted, if I’m depressed, or if I feel like I can’t breath.

I started some of this a few months ago and went on some medication to help me and then when I got the bronchitis, my blood work was off and they found something that may or may not be contributing to the first. (If that makes sense.) When I went in to check on my medications (which are helping me wonderfully) the dr was concerned about something else that I mentioned was going on and she ordered more blood work different from what the other dr did when I had bronchitis. (I have two drs right now.) Those came up with another thing… which may or may not be connected in some way with the previous items. Yes, I know I’m being cryptic, but… well, it’s still kind of hard to think of. My drs both know of the other and though they haven’t shared the info they have as of yet, I plan on having them do that.

I’m not really ready to tell what all is going on with me here. Partly because we need to do more tests and partly because I am still learning how to live with it and deal with it myself. When I know more and am ready, I most likely will give you all more details. Right now, patience is required. We must wait a little while before more tests are done. A few weeks for one thing, but months for the other. It is rough not knowing everything, but I will be okay and get through it all.

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