Homeschool Group, Meeting #6

This last Wednesday, our homeschool group had a talent show. We didn’t have very many members show up, including some that had signed up to do stuff in the talent show. Our leader was gone since she’d had surgery not long ago, so we got started a little later than normal, but things went well. We have a budding orator in our group. He wrote a speech titled “This is the Time” and did it for us. It was very good. His little brother played the cello. My kids did a puppet show to a song off of my Selah CD and two other kids did something with puppets as well. We also had a few people singing and two sisters danced to “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree”. It was lots of fun. Afterwards, they opened up Santa’s Shop where the kids could get some nice gifts for parents for cheap prices to benefit the group. One of the members of our group gets stuff from Micheals for free when they are no longer “in style” or whatever and she donated all this stuff to the group for this event for the kids.

We’re going to miss the next 4-H meeting this next Wednesday because we’ll be down at my parents’ house in NC and then we’ll be missing the next homeschool group meeting the Wednesday after that because we’ll be traveling home that day.

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