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On Saturday, we had an appointment for our brakes to be done at 1:00. We thought it would take an hour or so and then we could drive on down. Wrong! First, they didn’t even get to it until 2:00. Between 1 and 2, we had eaten lunch and walked over to Baskin Robbins for some ice cream. We got back around 2:15. About 5 minutes later, the guy came in and asked Jeremy to come take a look at the van. He used that voice that makes your insides shudder because you know it’s something that will be expensive. Anyway, after lots of talk and looking at different estimates and what the van had to have done, we left around 3:30 with nothing done to our van. We just couldn’t afford it, even the minimum. We came to the hotel and just started talking about our options. We decided the best option was another van.

There is a CarMax close by the hotel and so we looked up their hours (open until 9 on Saturdays) and gave them a call about 4:30. The guy said to look up cars that they have in stock there online and then write down the listing #s for any we wanted to test drive and look at in person. They have pictures from all kinds of angles on there, so you get a decent view of the vehicles. They also have a lot of information listed. We found an ’03 Dodge Caravan with only 24K miles on it that we liked the look of. We called him back and he said he’d get us approved for a loan, so we waited at the hotel for him to call us back on that. He called us back around 5:30 or so and told us what we’d need to purchase the van. We gathered up everything we needed and headed in. He had all the paperwork drawn up and ready. We just needed to test drive the van and make sure it was as good in person as online. We still liked it, so Jeremy sat down to sign everything and call our insurance to add the van on. I took the kids to a playroom they had available while this was going on. Finally, it was OURS! We were ready to drive off the lot by around 7:30. Jeremy drove the new van and I drove the old one. We dropped the old one off at the hotel and then went to get something to eat since we hadn’t any groceries left at the hotel. We were done for the day by 8:30 and were so exhausted that a 3 hour drive south wasn’t recommended, so we stayed up here this weekend instead.

Pray for us this week. We have an appointment with a lady about renting her 4 bedroom house on Saturday. We’re the first ones to see it. Jeremy met her on the train when she mentioned she had to move out and wanted a family to enjoy her home. Also, my right shoulder is bothering me. Since my left shoulder was out of commission for 9 months after Noelle was born 3 years ago until I had my surgery, it’s become natural for me to use my right arm for many things, especially reaching up for the higher things. (I’m left-handed so it wasn’t normal until that time) Unfortunately, my right arm won’t let me lift my elbow above shoulder height, so I’m having to re-train how I do things once again. I’m hoping that since I’ve noticed this now, I can rest it and let it get better and not have to have surgery. My ortho told me that my right shoulder would need the same surgery sometime, but I keep praying that it will be able to wait a while still.

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