Pink Gerbil Cage and Skating Party

Those things have nothing to do with the other, but it tells you what we’ve done the last few days.

Christine has been doing her schoolwork and chores without complaining for a long time now and we’ve been proud of how well she’s done. Because of this, Jeremy decided to get her the gerbil she’s been asking for. I think it’s been at least 3 years since she found out about them and started asking for one. On Wednesday night, church was canceled because Pastor wasn’t feeling well, so Jeremy took her to the pet shop and she picked out a pink cage and pink bedding and got a cute little black and white female gerbil who she calls Princess, or Essie for short. You can see pictures of her on my Flickr.

On Friday, our homeschool group had an end of year party. It was roller skating at a rink where one of our members works and does his magic tricks and stuff. We had so much fun. It lasted a total of three hours. James and I were on the rink almost the whole time, only stopping to get water every once in a while. When Amie first put on her skates, she kept falling and decided she didn’t want to try, took off the skates and pouted for about 2 hours (which I totally ignored.) Fifteen minutes before we left, she suddenly put skates back on and went around the wall of the rink a few times, twice with me giving her a little help, and decided she liked it. Christine cautiously went around the rink a bunch of times next to the wall, all by herself. She refused help or support. AnnaBeth spent most of the time where there was carpet getting used to the skates and practicing on the easier surface. Every once in a while, she would put her hand over the half wall of the rink as I went by to give me five. After a bit, she called me over to show that she was practicing on the smooth floor surface where people sit to put skates on. She was slowly skating from mushroom seat to mushroom seat. After that, she came up to the rink and went back and forth next to the half wall, but didn’t go on the side where it was a full wall. She started out holding onto the wall, but ended with not holding onto anything. Like Christine, she did it all herself and refused to have any support or help. Noelle enjoyed going around on her skates on the carpeted area most of the time. She and a friend played out in that area most of the time. She did ask for me to take her out onto the rink for one go around. I took both of her hands and supported her in front of me. She giggled the whole time around even though she was holding as tight as possible to my hands. One thing that James was having fun doing was coming up beside me, grabbing my hand, then I would increase my speed and fling him forward. He only fell once doing it and he laughed it off. It was so much fun, despite Amie’s pouting.

Oh, and for the record… I didn’t fall even once.

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  1. Sounds like the roller skating was a lot of fun! Jenna wants to go roller skating so bad. She won two free passes to the skating rink from school, because of her grades and her attendance. So, she is really wanting to go and take a friend with her. I’ve been making her wait until Aaron got to feeling better, because he can roller skate, and I can just fall down. So, now that he’s feeling better, maybe she can go sometimes soon.

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