Prayer Requests Seem to be Coming In

and I’m passing them along to my Prayer Warrior readers.

There’s a baby in California who has been in and out of the hospital with RSV and Pnuemonia since she was born in Feb. Drs recently diagnosed her with Cardiomyopathy and she’s been placed on a heart transplant list. She has a lot of spunk and has had to have her arms restrained to keep her from pulling out her vent and IV line.

A friend in St Louis is needing a job and also expressed a desire to grow in his faith.

Another friend in St Louis has a year old baby girl who’s had a lot of digestive problems. She gained a few lbs at her last dr appointment, but we would like to see more progress. Also, pray for her family. This is a rough ride on all of them, I think, though I enjoy seeing the faith of the mom as they have to try new formulas and amounts and whatever else comes up.

A friend up here in Chicago, Crystal (you remember praying for her daughter, Emily?… her blood work since that scan that found no cancer has all come out so beautifully.) Anyway, both her mom and her husband’s grandmother are having surgery today.

One of the women at our church is going through some rough chemo treatments for the cancer they found in her lungs about a month ago. When she’s able to come to church, she still has her joyful smile on, which is such a sweet testimony by itself.

A Praise… My cousin had his second child born yesterday morning. Now he and his wife have a son and daughter. She was on some oxygen last I heard because she’d had to be born C-section and still had some stuff in her lungs, but otherwise was doing very well. I hope to get an update on her again soon.


Well, that’s what I have for now that I can think of. I’ll let you all know if I get some more.

Edit to add: My friends’ mom in AZ is having an MRI today because her leg is hurting and the drs can’t give her a reason.

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