These Last Three Weeks have Been a Huge Whirlwind

First, VBS and the tornado, then we started school here at the house, then Michelle came, and this week Sarah came to visit and Google had their family picnic.

Sarah was here from Monday to yesterday. On Tuesday, we checked out the local library, but I found that I didn’t have everything I needed to get a library card. AnnaBeth just cried to have to leave the library without a book. It was frustrating. On Wednesday, we went to a thrift shop that I’d heard about (I didn’t have any money, but Sarah was looking for somethings.) and I made up my mind that I will go back to that one. It is nicely arranged to be able to find things so much easier than most and the prices are really good. After that was church. I am music leader this Sunday, so I was directing the adult choir. It was a bit rough. Children’s choir was worse though… as I only had my children and when they are the only ones they don’t want to do anything since I practice everything I do with them at home even though I don’t do it with them. I am getting so frustrated. We have a few other kids in the church and their parents have said that they love what I do with the children’s choir and that they plan on bringing their kids, but they never do. For a while, we had three kids (not counting mine) and then two of them stopped coming and now the last kid started some sports thing that practices on Wednesdays, so he’s not able to come. Anyway, back to this week… Yesterday, Sarah left in lots of tears. She is going to Florida for college and won’t see us for a year or more, though she’ll be able to call. We took a train into Chicago and walked and walked and walked until we got to where the Google Family Picnic was being held. We found that we should have gotten off of the train at the previous train station.

The picnic was a ton of fun. We were about 10 minutes early and were the first ones there. All of the kids got blue backpacks and I got a green single strap backpack. The Emcee for the picnic got my kids playing games immediately. Since they were the first ones there, they got two prizes each right away. All the kids who came got a prize for every game they played. AnnaBeth didn’t play any games, so she only got the two prizes from the beginning. She and Noelle had so much fun playing in the bounce houses and on the big inflatable slide. Noelle danced to get a necklace and then played another game with me, so she got a few other things. James and Christine are extremely competitive, so they were in games the whole time, except for the time they let the character artist draw them. Amie joined in many games, but also enjoyed the inflatables with the younger girls. I have to say how proud I was of James. He used to get so upset if he didn’t win or had trouble with a game. Yesterday, I saw him just shrug his shoulders when he didn’t win musical chairs or had trouble catching the water balloons. He was having fun and I was happy to see him have fun and not try to always win. They had a “tattoo” artist there with his stencils and little spray paints. Christine never saw him, but the other kids each got something from him and I got a butterfly on my upper arm. The little girls didn’t want to sit long enough to let the character artist draw them, but the rest of us got those. I’ll have to see if I can get pictures of those. Lunch was delicious. We were there for three hours and none of us got to do everything. I don’t think any of us were able to play the little putt-putt golf they had set up. It was so busy. I did meet a lot of Jeremy’s co-workers and his boss and his boss’s boss. I found that his boss’s wife is pregnant, so I need to make her a rice heating pad. I met the first woman I made one for. She has a baby who is only a few months old and she was telling me how much she enjoyed hers. I got to hold her baby for a little while. That baby girl was so beautiful with her long, long eye lashes, a bit of dark hair, and chubby cheeks. She was tired and put one arm around my neck and nuzzled my neck. She was almost asleep on my shoulder when her mom came back and was talking. Baby heard mommy and just started a little cry, so I handed her back over. Baby had drooled on me and mommy was so apologetic. She didn’t know I had 5 kids and a little drool was nothing. Afterwards, we walked to the closer train station and headed back home for a bit of rest time. The kids didn’t rest too much, but Jeremy and I sure did. After dinner though, the kids got ready for bed and laid down. I didn’t hear a single complaint or argument. I think they were asleep before their heads even hit the pillows. This morning, they didn’t wake up until about 8 am. I usually have at least three of them awake by 7 am and the other two are awake a half hour later.

The next thing planned… A birthday party for the three girls who have birthdays in September and October: AnnaBeth, Christine, and Amie. We are having it on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. We have found that a good time to have a birthday party for them as it usually gives the nearby relatives a chance to come. We will miss having my sister and her family at our party, but they are awaiting the birth of the baby now. My sister’s belly is really low. I don’t think it will be much longer.

In the meantime, I think we’ll just have school and try and get into our school year routine.

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