VBS Week

It’s almost over now…

The four kids that I have (AnnaBeth is with my parents) have been attending Vacation Bible School this week. This church does a really good VBS program. I’ve been getting up early to get Jeremy to the train before going to the church by 8:30 am. The first two days, I worked registration and the rest of the week, I’m checking in kids as they come. I like coming back in time to watch the closing ceremonies. I have caught kids as they tried to leave their teachers before their parent arrived.

I love how they do a lot of repeating, so the children remember things. Noelle can tell you the theme for everyday this week. It is made fun, but also shown that God’s Word is something serious too. It’s something that can change your life. It’s amazing how the kids really enjoy this week and are extremely eager to come and bring their friends and give offering. Today, we had 160 kids and they gave over $300 in offering!!

Anyway, this week has been fun. Tomorrow is the last day. I’ll probably spend the whole time there, in case I’m needed for anything.

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