Went to Hand Specialist

So, I had my appointment with the hand specialist dr on Monday. Because of what happened with my shoulder surgery, we are wanting to avoid that route. It would be the quicker way, but it scares me more than anything. So, he’s putting me in an immobilization splint. It will go from my hand all the way up past my elbow on my arm. He said the best way for it to heal without surgery is with no movement. I’m going in today to get the splint made. It has to be custom done to fit me for the way that is best to help my injury heal.

I have mixed feelings about it. One, I’m relieved that I won’t be having surgery… or hopefully won’t be having it. Depends on how well this works. Two, I’m a little down about the fact that I won’t be able to play my instruments or do my photography while wearing this splint. Also, my dr said no dancing. So, I’ll be hanging up my tap shoes until I’m healed. Well, except for the recital this weekend. I refused to drop out of that. I have practice tonight, tomorrow, dress rehearsal on Saturday, and the recital on Sunday. The dr grudgingly said I could take off the splint for those, but then it has to stay on after that. At least I’ll be able to sing… I guess I need to find a song or two to work on. Any suggestions? I can sing most songs for females. My range covers most alto and soprano songs.

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