Wow… So Much Happening…

I knew some things that would happen, but others… I definitely didn’t plan on.

So, back in mid-Feb… I went with Amie and a few of the other youth girls from church to winter camp. Then the kids all got sick, one after the other. Then Jeremy was sick a few days. Then it hit me… and went to my lungs. I had that nasty bronchitis for two weeks and it really weakened me.

So we come to the second weekend in March. I’m still not completely recovered from bronchitis and Jeremy leaves for a programmers conference. I dropped two of the kids off with his parents which helped me out a good amount. I picked them up the next Wednesday and we headed to St Louis the next day. It was a good weekend, but busy. When I got home, I was very exhausted.

Now, we’re up to this last week… On Wednesday, I got a phone call… My Grandma (Dad’s mom) had died in her sleep that morning. (I will write a post on Grandma soon.) The next few days were phone calls back and forth to figure out plans for the weekend. My youngest two were already scheduled for Baptism on Sunday and my in-laws were coming up for the weekend for that. We finally decided that they would still come and I would drive down alone to my aunt and uncle’s on Friday and stay for the Memorial Service and going through my Grandparents’ apartment on Saturday and then come home that night.

I was exhausted mentally, emotionally, and physically when I got home on Saturday. I got up on Sunday still feeling tired, but excited for my girls. I helped AnnaBeth and Noelle get ready (another post will come about this event also) and we went to church and then out to dinner. I had a bit of a migraine by the time all of this was over. I took a nap once we got home and finally felt like I was doing better.

Today, a friend is coming to visit and will be here until Wednesday. I hope he’s okay with my house as it is. It’s not all that messy, but it isn’t really clean either. I don’t really have the energy to do much and I needed to get the kids to do a bit of schoolwork this morning before he arrived.

Anyway… so I’ve been really busy. I am hoping to have a bit of time to just relax soon. May have to wait until June for that though… after dance recital.

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