Yesterday was AnnaBeth’s Birthday

She is now six years old! On Sunday, she was telling a lot of people that she was still 5 but would be 6 tomorrow. If they said she was almost 6, she would tell them, “No, I’m 5!” It was funny.

Anyway, yesterday was really busy. After dropping off Jeremy at the train station, I stopped by Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins and got assorted donuts for breakfast (none with filling… too messy) and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cake for our dinner dessert because she’d been saying that she wanted an ice cream cake for her birthday. (Yes, Mom, I already had it when I talked to you, but couldn’t say since AnnaBeth was right there and it was a surprise.) Amie and James helped me get it into the freezer without her seeing it. A birthday is a school vacation when you are homeschooled, so the kids enjoyed the day even though it was rainy all day. We took AnnaBeth and Noelle grocery shopping with me in the morning and let AnnaBeth pick out the ingredients for her special dinner (it was soooo hard… Kraft Mac n Cheese with tuna mixed in) and I got some soy ice cream for James. I found potato bread for 99cents a loaf, so I picked up enough to last us a little while. I love potato bread! Then we headed to Target because the cats were low on food and litter. We also picked up something specifically Chicago-ish for baby Benjamin. After lunch, I took AnnaBeth to a thrift store and let her pick out a pretty dress. It’s not often that she gets a dress that the other two older girls didn’t wear first, so even though it isn’t “new”, it is still special to her. After picking up Jeremy, we made dinner and the kids had fun with the paper plates that AnnaBeth picked out for her special dinner. Then we had the cake, she blew out her candle, and opened her presents from us. We got her a “Prayer Circle Friends” Eunice the Lamb book and an “Adventures In Odyssey” CD set to listen to the stories in the car on trips or on the computer at home. The kids have sat in front of the computer listening to a few of them already. They really enjoy listening to the stories.

Anyway, it was a good day, even though it was busy.

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