Ate about 1:30…

had a break and then dessert around 4:30.

Just getting ready to eat dinner now at 8:30. Have to wait until kids are in bed though.

Did you eat a lot too?

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2 thoughts on “Ate about 1:30…”

  1. I admit that my holiday overindulgence (read: overeating) begins about Halloween and ends about Valentine’s Day. I ate way to much, of course. But I did purchase pants one size bigger in advance. It wasn’t turkey that I gorged on – it was stuffing and dessert.

  2. I love leftover turkey sandwiches. I don’t eat a lot of turkey at the actual feast. I eat a good amount of mashed potatoes, rolls, and veggies. The big thing for me though is the dessert. I love the different pies. I had pumpkin, chocolate pecan, and chocolate cream pie yesterday. I haven’t tried my apple pie yet. I’ll do that today… maybe for breakfast with a cup of hot chocolate. Yummm!

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