Four Easter Dresses

They are done! My girls are all happy to know that they have their dresses ready for Easter. I bought material for my skirt and after we pick up James from Grandma’s house on Saturday, I plan on getting the material for his vest. This week, I’m working on my skirt and then next week is the vest. The week after that is a baby gift for a friend’s baby shower at the end of the month. I know, I’m going to be cutting the baby gift close. I may have some time to work on it this week or next week too, so we’ll see. After that, I’m taking a break for just a little while. My sewing machine is earning it’s keep.

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  1. mel says:

    Wow! You HAVE been busy! Wish I had time to make Jenna an Easter dress. We’ve been looking for one for her, but most of what we find is sleeveless, and Easter is just way too early this year for a dress without sleeves. Makes me cold thinking about it!

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