I Love Garage Sales!

The town my in-laws live in had their annual community garage sale weekend.  Everyone who wants to can have a garage sale and you just walk or drive around the town and see what you can buy.

We’ve been looking for a way to get two twin beds and a toddler bed in the girls room.  We decided we wanted to try having a bed that is a little higher off the ground and then the second twin be a trundle.  Today I found an almost new roll-away bed.  It will be a good trundle.  Until we get the higher bed, which we may make, we are going to fold the bed up during the day.

We also were looking for bookshelves so we can unpack a bunch of our boxes.  I happened to find that at the same place as the bed.  We do happen to have one thing of bookshelves, which we just bought brackets for, so I’ll be happy to have those boxes out of the way soon.

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  1. Garage sales are great, and those community garage sales were the BEST! My kids always loved going to them when they were little–they could afford stuff! So fun. I found a lot of good clothes for the kids at garage sales.

    My husband had a trundle bed on the farm where he grew up!! : )

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