Late Friday Felicities

Sorry, Dana. I was busy baking all day yesterday and hardly on the computer at all.

Here are my good things for this week.

1. Got a lot of desserts done… chocolate cupcakes, vanilla cupcakes, strawberry jello, and my very own recipe that I call Chocolate Cheesecake mousse pie.

2. Have visitors come last night and talked a while and having more come today.

3. Noelle learned some phonics this week.

4. AnnaBeth is enjoying doing her math workbook.

5. Library cards! Finally got them for here and was able to get books this week.

6. I have a clean house.

The best news this week though was: Emily’s scan showed NO cancer!!!

I hope you all have a good Labor Day weekend and enjoy this next week. Remember that even when it feels like you have had a bad week, if you look for them, you can find the good that God gave you to help you through it all. Hugs and kisses from your children. A nice good piece of chocolate at the right time. A friend’s IM just to say “Hi”

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