Sign Seen Here in Town

I told you about the snow we got. Lots of people around here have been complaining quite a bit about it. I’ve done okay, but it is cold and I’m not used to this much snow. Starting last night, more snow. So far, it’s dropped another 5 inches on us. One of the youth came in last night at our Parent’s Night Out laughing. He said, it’s snowing again, but no big deal. I asked him about his attitude and he said a sign changed it. The sign says, “Be grateful! You could be in New York!”

Speaking of New York, I only got about a third of the amount of snow they got last night. My friend in Syracuse has been keeping us somewhat updated. She said she is tired of shoveling twice a day and that her husband has to shovel snow off the roof today. Yikes. I wonder how my aunt and her family up there is doing?

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