We have an assortment of vehicles going past our house everyday, especially in the warmer weather. Some of the vehicles won’t be used once it cools down around here. Many of the people in town work at the factories here. Both my neighbor and the woman behind us ride their bikes to work. I’ve seen many people riding bikes around here. I’d love to get one for me. I think it would come in very handy. Some of the teenage boys and a few girls ride their skateboards to school. Another summer vehicle I’ve seen frequently is a riding lawn mower or a small tractor. It seems that many people will drive one of these around to go to a friend’s house nearby. Also, they drive them from their house to the gas station to fill up and get a soda since it isn’t all that far. A vehicle that goes by my house at least 4 times a day is a horse and buggy from the nearby Amish community. They come into town for the grocery store, feed store, and the Dollar General and sometimes McDs. (Off Topic: We’ve been to McDs at the same time as one Amish family a few times and we’ve become friends. I enjoy talking about my homeschooling with the mother while the kids talk about pets.) Then there are the usual vehicles seen in all towns: cars, pickup trucks, minivans, motorcycles, and UPS and fedex trucks. Quite a few people ride mopeds to get around town. Since it is a farming community, I’ve noticed that there are a greater ratio of pickups to other regular vehicles here than in a city. Now that the crops are being harvested, we’ve had a new vehicle going by. The big trucks filled with corn kernels or soy beans have been going to the grain elevators down the street. The person who lives across the street drives an ambulance. If he’s not out of town during dinner or lunch time, he comes home and parks the ambulance on the side of the street while he takes his break. The police station is nearby, so we see their vehicles often passing as well.

And now that you’re thoroughly bored, you know what vehicles go by my little house on a major street in a small town in mid-Illinois.

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