Long Awaited Health Update #2

Let’s see… where did I leave off? Oh yes, leaving my dr after being diagnosed and given prescriptions for depression and anxiety.

A week after that appointment, the kids got sick. I had a sick kid cuddling with me every day. It pretty much just seemed like a really bad cold for them. A week later, I felt like I couldn’t breath. I had no other symptoms, but since the kids had been sick, I was pretty sure it was the same thing. It was so bad that I went to the hospital. I think I remember blogging about it. I had no fever and when they did a blood test, my white blood cells were not elevated which usually shows a viral or bacterial infection, so after a while, they thought maybe it was my gallbladder because they couldn’t figure out anything else… they sent me home and told me to call an internal medicine dr (different one from my other dr.) the next day and get checked immediately.

I called and got an appointment for the day after. By the time I went in, my head was all stuffy, my throat hurt, and I felt achy all over. The dr was surprised that the hospital didn’t know that I had bronchitis and had them fax my blood tests to him while I was there. He said that my blood tests didn’t look correct, so he was going to have them redone and asked if he could take a few vials of blood to do some other tests with. I had no problem with that. I just wanted to feel better. I left thinking that was it and I would get better.

Three weeks later, just after my grandma died, I was still somewhat getting better from the bronchitis. I felt like it was taking a long time to go completely away. I got a call from the dr… “Your blood test results are in and we need you to come in to discuss them.” My heart dropped at hearing that. I started thinking… maybe it wasn’t bronchitis. Maybe it was something worse. Maybe… you know how your mind goes over and over different things.

I went in the next day and the dr asked about how I was doing with my depression and anxiety first. He wanted to make sure that was under control before anything, I guess. After that, he pulled out my blood test results and started showing me how it showed my immune system hadn’t been working correctly and that’s why the virus that the kids had passed on to me had made me so sick. He said the reason the tests had taken so long to get back was because he did them in a series and not all at one time. He waited for results from the first one before sending in the second so he would know what to test for. The last test he did was to see if I had an auto-immune disorder. It came up positive.

I sat there for a little while just kind of shell shocked. Then I asked if scleraderma was an auto-immune disorder. My grandma had had that. He said it was. Finding out three days after her memorial service really was hard. It’s not certain what kind it is, but he said it is highly possible that it is the same as what she had. He said he wanted to wait a while before more testing. So, we are going to do more in early August.

(Wow… that’s as much as I can write out today… I’m not done, but I think the rest can be written in only one more post. I’ll do my best to write it out tomorrow.)

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