Out of the Duldrums

The clean-up here in the neighborhood really helped me get out of the mood I was in a little bit ago. VBS helped, of course, with the worship of God and the fact that I was doing my favorite thing every night… singing, dancing, and teaching kids songs and dances. The thing that helped me the most was going around and talking to so many different people in the neighborhood and how we all worked together to get the mess cleaned up. It really brightened up my spirit.

This week, I am still doing well. I met the lady who lives at the end of our block. She is 3 doors down from us and has two girls… a 2 yr old and a baby. My kids have already fallen in love with the 2 yr old and love playing with her. I think she loves the attention my big kids give her.

ALSO, my best friend from St Louis is coming up to visit!! Woohoo! She is coming tonight and staying until Sunday. THEN, my best friend from where we lived in mid-Illinois is coming up next week. I’m so excited! You know what? I love having a place where I can tell people that they are welcome to come visit anytime that we are here.

Another thing that is happening next week is Google’s family picnic. It will be nice to meet some of Jeremy’s co-workers and family members.

So, if I don’t post for a while, you know that I am busy. (I have started school up a bit too, so we are getting back into that routine as well.)

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