Wrist Update… Week 3

or I could say month 2. *laugh* Depends on how you look at it.

It’s been two months since I fell. A simple fall on a wet kitchen floor caused all this trouble. Three weeks ago, I finally started getting answers as to what really happened, torn ligaments in my wrist, and was put in a splint that the hand specialist believes will assist my body in healing. On Monday, I had another appointment with him to see how it is going. He had me take off my splint and he maneuvered my wrist around with me letting my muscles stay limp. It’s getting a bit stiff, but it didn’t hurt when he did that. I know it still hurts a bit when I move it around. I take off the splint to change the arm sock and to wash my arm once a day. I always accidentally move my wrist, so I know it still is painful, but not nearly as painful as it used to be.

The dr is hopeful that I will only need another three weeks of wearing the splint before I start physical therapy to regain the use of those muscles and ligaments. He did warn me though that if it begins to hurt again with the therapy that he will have to do a scope and repair any damage that didn’t heal with surgery. *shudder* I really don’t want that, so I’m praying and petitioning Jehovah Rapha (God the Healer) to intervene and help my wrist to heal on it’s own.

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