Youth girl time

Every so often on Sunday evenings, I plan on having a girl time with the youth girls. Yesterday was the second one I’ve done. The first one was only an hour and it was when I first became a youth leader. I sat down with the girls and gave them my testimony and then set down some rules. I think they were glad to learn they have an adult who is honest with them. Only one of my girls has parents that come to church regularly.

Anyway, we had our second girl time last night. It was supposed to last 2 hours, but ended up going half an hour over. It was about trust. Trust in marriage, trust in God, and what happens if you trust in nonchristians. We did trust walks, where one person is blindfolded and the other person either guides by leading them or by giving directions with their voice. In the first one, I gave it as an example of how it is in marriage, you go through it together… side by side. I purposely ran my charge into a chair (I’d warned her beforehand) to let them see that we are human and our husbands are human and may make mistakes and though we let him guide us, we can always have a little say in it since he may not always see that he’s heading the wrong way. When I was sitting across the room giving directions, I didn’t even let my charge come close to hitting anything. That is like God. He is always here giving us directions and if we put our trust fully in Him, He’ll help us to avoid sin and temptations, but we don’t always listen and sometimes fall because of our waywardness. I explained that if she hadn’t followed my directions completely (good thing she did) then she would have tripped over a chair or ran into a table, just as we would trip over sin or run into temptations when we don’t listen to God. We don’t feel Him physically touching us, but He is always here spiritually to guide us. They seemed to have fun.

It was a good thing I’d already arranged to take everyone home, except the one girl who can drive, or parents/grandparents would have been getting impatient waiting for us to get done.

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