LONG update

March 28 – My Dad’s Birthday

We had arrived down there at 5 am on the morning of the 24th and rested that whole day. My brother, his girlfriend, and her 4 children were there in between moving from one house to another, so it was a houseful. On Saturday the 26th, we drove around on the Blue Ridge Parkway and stopped at a few places to get out and take pictures and let all 9 children stretch their legs. On Sunday (Easter), we all got dressed up and went to church in the morning. All my girls had pretty hats (or bonnets, in Noelle’s case) and James had a new suit with vest and tie. My three older kids really enjoyed the children’s program that my parents’ church had. It was really cute. All the kids had lines even the little 4 year old boys. My Dad and I went hiking in the afternoon on part of the Appalachan trail. We went up to the top of a ridge and took a nice look around at the mountains and little town. Now to the day of this post… On this particular day, as I said, it was my Dad’s birthday. Both of my parents took off work in the afternoon and though we didn’t really do much, we did bake a cake and have a little bit of a party. My present to my Dad was coming down and just being there with my kids. The kids enjoyed singing to him and eating the cake. I found out that you can not make instant pudding with soy milk. It just doesn’t work. We had ice cream for those who could eat it and sort of a chocolate liquidy pudding tasting stuff for James who is allergic to milk.

April 3

We got back the day before at about 10 pm. It took us quite a while to get home due to a lot of rain, gusting wind, and LOTS of spring break traffic. I can definately tell you one thing… gas prices are NOT keeping people from taking trips. The kids liked Louisville, Kentucky the best out of the whole trip. They saw the giant Louisville Slugger at the baseball bat factory, the cranes that load the barges on the Ohio River, and where they are building a lock and dam. They want to go back and take a tour of the factory and play at a park near the river that they noticed. Noelle got sick with a bad case of bronchitis (it was almost pnuemonia) while we were still down in NC, so Jeremy stayed home with her today so I could go to church.

April 5

Noelle was awake at 4 am today. I found out why this afternoon… she got her first AND second teeth today. They are on top left and bottom right, so if the other two front teeth don’t come in soon, she’s going to sure look funny for a little while. If you don’t remember her age, she is almost 16 months old.

April 6

Yesterday, my 2 and a half year old, AnnaBeth, officially started potty training. No more diapers during the day!! Woohoo! She’s doing good. She went through only two pairs of underwear yesterday and she’s still in the pair she put on this morning now and it’s mid-afternoon. I’m very proud of her.

Ok, I have to admit. I wasn’t the one who instigated this. She was. She just decided she wanted to wear panties since she’s been going on the potty fairly well this last week and the diaper was getting annoying. Without telling me, she kept going in, pulling down her pants and taking her diaper off, go, wipe, and then coming to find me to put her diaper back on. Now she can go in, pull down her pants and underwear together, go, wipe, and then pulls them back up. I also think trying to get the diaper off sometimes took too long and she wet before she got it off.

Today, April 7

Yay! I’m finally able to post again! I hope you enjoyed my long update. Noelle seems to be getting better from her bronchitis, though I’m not sure whether the fussiness she’s been having is from that or from some more teeth. I guess time will tell.

The Walk For Life is coming up for the local Crises Pregnancy Center and I’m in charge of getting my church involved. I also need to get pledges for myself and see if I can recruit some of the wonderful youth I work with. I know some people may fuss when they find out it starts at 10 am on a Saturday when they are used to sleeping in, but I can be quite persuasive with them if I want. If anyone wants to sponser me, just give me an e-mail. It will be on May 14th.

Well, I guess this has been long enough. If I think of anything else, I can post it on another day.