The “Honey, I’ve Been There” Smile

To moms of younger children:

I have five kids, preteen and up, and I have watched many kids over the years. A screaming kid in the grocery store doesn’t phase me one bit. I’ve been there… more than once. When I go by, you might see me give you a small smile and a nod. If you notice, I’m ignoring the kid, they don’t need my attention at the moment. I’m doing this toward you. Why? Because I want you to know that I’ve been there. I’m not pitying you with that smile, I’m sending my support and encouragement. I’m saying, “I totally understand what you’re going through. You’ve got this.” I saw that smile when mine were little. At first, I was embarrassed. I thought they were laughing at me or pitying me, but then I came to realize… this is a part of motherhood and those are other moms connecting with me. It’s a small way of letting another mom know that we understand and we aren’t judging her on how her child is acting. We know that all children have times of meltdowns. They could be tired or hungry or just having an off day.

So, the next time you are having one of those shopping experiences and a woman walks by and gives you a smile and a nod. Remember… we’ve been there and we know you’ve got this!!

I Like Skype

I may not be on Facebook or chat, but I still have Skype and I’ve enjoyed using it. It can be used like a telephone or with video.

I have one friend who calls me once a week on Skype to talk since I went off of chat. It’s nice to be able to talk and even see the person. We can share smiles and laughs and see how the other is.

I find it a good way to use the computer for communication.

Photo Editing…

Up until recently, I’ve been using Gimp to edit my photos. I’ve loved learning how to do different things with it. When I got this new laptop so I could work on my pictures, Jeremy and I talked about photo editing software. We discussed getting Gimp again and just continuing to use it, but I was wanting to do more with my pictures, so we looked at both Photoshop and Aperture.

After checking out the different things you could do with each, I decided to get a trial version on Aperture. Initially, I enjoyed it and it could easily do the basic editing that I need, but I had trouble figuring out how to do anything extra.

Now, I have a trial version of Photoshop Elements 9. I’ve been working with it for about two weeks now and I’m enjoying learning new effects. I really like this one and I think I will be purchasing it when the trial is done. I’m slowly going through pictures from the last year and seeing what I can do with them. I’m playing with one or two pictures a day. It really is a lot of fun for me. If you want to see what I’ve gotten so far, here is my collection.

Fireproof Movie

Jeremy and I went on opening night. We couldn’t get into the showing we had wanted because it was sold out, so we went to the next one. Jeremy and I enjoyed it. You have to remember that this is only Sherwood pictures third film, so the acting and editing and stuff isn’t as good as many of the Hollywood films, but the message can hit your heart. The story was so good that it had Jeremy crying in a few places. I think he cried more than I did. You know about how it will end from close to the beginning, but the journey from beginning to end is what made it so good. It had some parts I wasn’t expecting and I enjoyed seeing the camaraderie at the fire station. Anyway, I would suggest checking it out. It was good food for my soul.

Late Friday Felicities

Sorry, Dana. I was busy baking all day yesterday and hardly on the computer at all.

Here are my good things for this week.

1. Got a lot of desserts done… chocolate cupcakes, vanilla cupcakes, strawberry jello, and my very own recipe that I call Chocolate Cheesecake mousse pie.

2. Have visitors come last night and talked a while and having more come today.

3. Noelle learned some phonics this week.

4. AnnaBeth is enjoying doing her math workbook.

5. Library cards! Finally got them for here and was able to get books this week.

6. I have a clean house.

The best news this week though was: Emily’s scan showed NO cancer!!!

I hope you all have a good Labor Day weekend and enjoy this next week. Remember that even when it feels like you have had a bad week, if you look for them, you can find the good that God gave you to help you through it all. Hugs and kisses from your children. A nice good piece of chocolate at the right time. A friend’s IM just to say “Hi”

Oh Wow! What a Week!

At the moment, I don’t have time to really post. I have been extremely busy, but circumstances around here have really helped my disposition. I’m feeling so much better now than I was in the post a little while back. I will update you all as soon as possible. In the meantime, pray for our washing machine. Something isn’t working right and we just can’t afford a new one (or even the ones on Craig’s list that are big enough for our family.) We also can’t afford to do our washing at a laundry mat. Can you imagine how much it would be to do enough laundry for 7 people? Yikes!

Tonight is Day 1

The four kids who helped me with the VBS songs in church yesterday did a good job. Christine was nervous because she didn’t feel like she knew the movements very well, but she did fine.

I have my schedule and will be teaching the song of the day to the different classes of kids. There are five different classes of kids, so I’ll be getting my exercise. We have the assembly at the end of VBS, so we’ll do the theme song and the song of the day during that. I bet I’ll be ready to fall into bed every night this week.

As I’ve probably mentioned before, Jeremy has the 7-8th graders. He’s more comfortable with adults, but he’ll do fine with these kids too. He is running the assembly tonight and on Thursday since our Pastor has classes to teach at a Christian college those nights.

Anyway, pray for all of us who are teaching that we may have the knowledge that is needed to teach the children what they require to have a good relationship with Jesus and pray for the students that their hearts will be prepared and open to the messages we have for them each night. I’ll let you all know how it goes.


I have found a teenager at our new church who is as much a music-aholic as I am. She sings and is trying to learn to play the guitar. She wants to learn the piano and is interested in all kinds of instruments. Last Wednesday, she asked me to bring in my tuner this week, so she could get her guitar strings tuned. As we talked about music, she asked what instruments I had and could play. I ended up bringing my guitar, mountain dulcimer, and bongo drum in as well as my tuner. I’ve taken the bass string off of my guitar because my hands are too small to reach it to push it properly. Her eagerness to learn all about the different instruments was so exciting to see. I let her borrow my guitar book. I look forward to sharing what I know about the instruments and teaching her to play some of them.

I’m also teaching her little brother how to use the autoharp that I play as accompaniment with the children’s choir. The older kids in the children’s choir are being taught how to use instruments, mostly percussion. Amie is learning the bongo drum (which has a neat technique to bring out two different sounds), James is learning the tambourine, and Christine is learning the maraca. If we get any other kids in, I will need more instruments. I have a few ideas and I need to find a music store up here.