A Day in my Life

There isn’t a lot for me to say right now, but it’s been a little while since I’ve talked about my health. I think I’ll just tell you how it’s affecting me in a day to day basis.

I get exhausted so easily. When I try to get up and do as much as I used to do a few years ago, I end up extremely out of breath and worn out.

Yesterday was really busy. I had church in the morning. It was our new Pastor’s first Sunday (WELCOME PASTOR MIKE!) and I worked at one of the name tag tables to remind the people to get one as they came in. I also took my computer and put the wedding photos I’d taken last week on a slideshow so others from the church could see and so the newlyweds could see all of their pictures.

After church, we finally got to celebrate Noelle’s birthday at Tyler’s Tenders and played at the attached arcade. It is small and very family friendly… so much better than Chuck E Cheese. They have yummy food with lots of different options and the smaller arcade section makes it easier to keep track of where my children are.

I was pretty exhausted by then, but I still had more to do. On the way home, we stopped and I got a few things we still needed for our church’s youth group Christmas party. Once we got home, we had an hour before heading to the church. I dropped into bed and slept until time to go.

The nap definitely helped and I went to the party ready to have some fun. I was my normal crazy self, though after about half-way through it was getting harder for me to breath and I was getting a migraine. I didn’t want to ruin the party, so I kept going. After it was over and I helped with a bit of cleaning up, Jeremy sent me home. He stayed to finish the cleaning up. He could tell I wasn’t doing well at all anymore.

So, that is how a day affects me. I used to love days like these. Lots of fun… but I don’t handle them so well anymore. I still had fun, but it cost me. Today, I am sitting and cuddling Little A. He’s having fun running cars and trains and animals all over me. I have very little energy. I have found ways to watch him without completely wearing myself out. He’s doesn’t know any different and knows that this is how Ms Julie is. He’s a pretty good boy, even when he’s hyper and dancing and jumping all over the place. He does have his days when he tests his boundaries as any 2 year old does, but he brings joy to my days. I am blessed to have him in my life.

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