Adventures in Babysitting (with 5 kids)

We are helping out a friend by watching her baby until school is out. She’s a teacher at the local high school. While we’re watching him, we’re still doing some school, but we’ve slowed down a bit for now. James is loving having baby A here. He’s my main helper. He has even changed a few wet diapers.

Today, I thought this was funny… he had a blow-out diaper, so I pulled his clothes off of him and was washing him up when he let a stream flow. Of course, I was ready and threw a wipey down on him. Since his clothes were already dirty, I let them soak up most of the wetness. The reactions of the kids were funny though. First, they were all going “Ewww” and then they’re all “YIKES! He’s peeing! Get a diaper on quick!” I was laughing so much.

Right now, Christine is feeding him his bottle. This is her first time doing this. I’m glad they are wanting to help out. This is a good thing for them to learn.

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