Breakaway and Fish Tales

Last Saturday night, there was a big all-night youth event here called Breakaway. It’s an annual event that our church group attends. We had 14 kids come with our group and we had a pretty good time.

We started with a rally at Trinity Christian College. I enjoyed the speaker and the improv group.

The rest of the night the youth groups were split into three large groups of around 200 people each. We had pizza first and then spent two hours each at Odyssey Fun World (an arcade), a bowling alley, and Lifetime Fitness, ending the night at 7am Sunday morning and heading back to the church.

I found there was a lot I still am not able to do since hurting my wrist almost a year ago. I had a hard time playing skeeball and laser tag. I couldn’t bowl, play volleyball, basketball, dodge ball, or go rock climbing. Most of my night was sitting or standing around talking, but I love to talk, so it wasn’t bad.

On Sunday, the kids had their Easter musical. It was called Fish Tales. James had some speaking lines and did a great job with them. He played his favorite… the comedian. Christine had a solo and did a an awesome job. I was very proud of my children. Noelle was too young to participate, but the others all did so well.

It was a busy weekend and I was worn out from it, but it was good.

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