Busy, Busy, Busy… and More Busy

This weekend was just a crazy, crazy time for me. I needed the busy-ness of it even though I don’t like being this busy most of the time.

On Friday, after dropping Jeremy off at the train station, I had another dr’s appointment. I think since I’m starting to feel more okay with things that I might share a little more about what is going on, but be patient with me, my friends… I am still coming to terms with everything.

After the dr’s appointment, I went home and picked up the kids. They’d made a picnic lunch while I was at the dr’s office and were all ready to go to the zoo. We have a membership at Brookfield Zoo. It was a lot of fun. We were outside most of the time and spent about 5 hours walking around. Well, most of the time we walked. Near the end, the kids started taking turns getting into the wagon since we no longer needed it to carry the food and drinks. Guess what? I took a turn too! The kids and I giggled so much while they pulled me around.

After the zoo, we came home and I had about ten minutes before I had to head off and go to the train station to get Jeremy. We had a bit of a detour before coming home… we went and bought a second vehicle! I have a car now. It will help save gas and we just needed a second one anyway. Too many things going on right now.

Today, we got up, got the kids ready for dance classes and then I went and rented a small U-Haul van to go pick up some things from my grandparents’ apartment while Jer stayed home and made sure the kids all got to their classes. The trip for me was about 6 hours of driving with a half hour break while the van was loaded up. I got home, we quickly unloaded it and I barely got the van back to the place at the time they needed it for someone else who had reserved it. Whew… what a trip. My wrist hurts a bit from driving that big thing because the steering wheel vibrates so much.

Once I got back home, we packed the kids up in the van and we headed over to the church for a “Back to Africa” Barbecue. We have some missionaries who are trying to get back to their mission field in Africa, but were running low on funds, so our church held this fund raiser for them. It was a lot of fun. I got to be in the fashion show and had on this cute blue outfit with a scarf tied around my head. I know pictures were taken, so I expect it to show up on Facebook at some time… LoL

In the next few weeks/months… hmmm… I sing in the Praise team next week, then in two weeks go to Kingsport for a friend’s wedding (YAY!) and I’ll get to see a few other friends while down there. Then dance classes start getting crazy in preparation for the recital in June. I have my next blood test and dr’s appointment at the beginning of July and another dr’s appointment in early August. Then Andrew and Betsy’s wedding is August 13.

I’ve just gotten home and I’m pretty tired, but not sleepy. It’s funny how that works… I’m exhausted, but my mind is going crazy with everything going on and I can’t settle down. I ought to try, right? Well, off I go to try to sleep.

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