Another Daughter of God

Christine prayed to ask for forgiveness for her sins and for Jesus to come live in her heart tonight! She’s been talking about it for well over a year and praying that God would help her learn about how to be a Christian, but didn’t understand everything until this week. It just seemed to click with her when Jeremy and I were talking with her over dinner a few days ago and we could see that it wouldn’t be long.

That’s three out of my five!

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7 thoughts on “Another Daughter of God”

  1. And everyone said…AMEN!!!

    Living as a single person; I don’t understand how it feels to have a child come to an understanding, and accept Christ as Lord. I know words cannot explain!

    It must be a very joyful and teardrop happy day for you??

  2. Wonderful! Yippee! Never get tired of seeing God perform the miracle of salvation in lives! We’ll be praying for her as she begins her new walk with God.
    Sorry I am late in commenting. I didn’t go on the internet at all last week, so now I am catching up!

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