From My Children…

Having five children is quite hilarious at times. I love sharing those on twitter (@pixiemom) and now I’m going through and sharing them here.

James: “We learned about eunichs in Bible class at school last week. *shudders* It was not a fun thing to hear.”

AnnaBeth: “What are you doing?” James: “Nothing.” AnnaBeth: “What kind of nothing?”

Speaking of computer class… Amie: “They use Windows. Its horrible!” Hehehe… that’s Jer’s daughter.

Jer: “So, are you hot or not?” James: “I don’t know. I don’t speak girl gibberish.”

Ask Little A where James is… “Right there!” And points to James. Ask him where Miss Julie is and he pointed at Chris. He knows his buddy.

Kids’ answer to if a girl calls for James: “Too young… access denied.”

Little A is talking high pitched while playing with AnnaBeth because her voice is so high.

Chris: “Mom, Charlie is making me lose my marbles!”

My 7 yr old daughter has been speaking with a Louisiana accent all morning. Thanks to Gambit and Rogue.

While looking for shoes… Noelle: (with appropriate pirate accent) “There be one!”

Chris: “He’s got a giant guinea pig from the north!!” (The kids have Creme out in their little play town.)

Amie and James made a bunch of origami boats and now their armadas are warring.

My kids are pretending to be spies… but I don’t think they get the “stealth” or “quiet” part of the job.

Noelle: “I know why you love chocolate… one of its ingredients is happiness!”

James: “That uses more batteries than a hippopotamus with an electric toothbrush.”

Chris’s tip for today: “Don’t let guinea pigs go up your shirt.”

AnnaBeth: “Its raining.” Noelle: “Indeed, it is.” (I always get a kick out of when she uses such proper grammar.)

Noelle: “I have the power! The power of NAIL POLISH!”

Doing silly skits… James: “You can use Little A, he’s a prop.”

James and I came up with Candy-land Clue. “Professor Sugarplum, in the chocolate valley, with a candy cane.”

AnnaBeth: “Little Miss Muffet sat on a tough one, eating her herds and cray.” “I’m a little teapot, short and sprout.” (I’m cracking up!)

AnnaBeth: *sees the cats hissing at each other* “They are internal enemies.”

Me: “James, you look like your dad in this pic.” James: “No, I’m so much better looking.”

AnnaBeth: “Our normal is funny.”

While playing by herself, Noelle is pretending to be the bad guy and the good guy (different voices) and just tied herself up.

Overheard Chris talking to Little A: “Hey! You aren’t supposed to eat dinosaurs for breakfast.”

AnnaBeth and Noelle were discussing their Dad this afternoon. They decided he is a ‘Techno-nerd’ and not just a geek.

Hehe… Chris got Little A headbanging to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

The rolls at our dinner table are talking…

Chris: “I had something in my mind, but it made no sense, so I changed it… but then it made even more no sense.”

AnnaBeth: “Mom has a pink belt in TICKLING!”

James: *holding Martin’s arm* “You can’t go! You are stuck like peanut butter on bread!”

Amie: “You have grown a bit.” Noelle: “No, I’ve always been this small!” *pats top of head*

James: “I’m not very good at chess yet… I can’t even beat Daddy yet.” Jeremy: “He has an interesting way of complimenting us, doesn’t he?”

James: (discussing his aunt and uncle’s ages) *sigh* “They grow up so fast.”

2 yr nephew: “Where’s the James? The James are outside.”

Noelle: “Tada… I am… POLITE WOMAN!”

James: “My arm fell asleep last night… and kept me awake with its snoring.”

James: “I think I will grow my beard out… this clean-shaven look isn’t working for me.”

Noelle: “My frisbee never respects me. It refuses to go far when I throw it.”

Noelle: “Daddy, you are crazy, crazy, crazy. You have a crazy heart.”

Me: “James, here’s your lego man… in pieces.” James: “Must have been an explosion.” Chris: “Or a girl!”

Me: “Dad wants a date, so I need to get prettied up.” AnnaBeth: “But you’re already so pretty.” Noelle: “Yeah! We love you.” (Awww)

AnnaBeth points to her lemonade and says, “Can someone take out the watermelon?”

Noelle: “Two of my toes hurt and they are my two bestest toes.”

James and Noelle just did an improv duet song about maple syrup and whipped cream. It was awesome.

James: “Spoon #1 reporting in… I am running away with the dish. Repeat… I am running away with the dish.”

Amie: (telling joke) What do you call a lost wolf? James: I’d call him George. (10 pts to whoever knows what he’s referencing.)

Made some hot tea for myself. AnnaBeth walked by, saw it and ran into the kitchen to make her own, exclaiming, “Its a hot tea kind of day.”

Not quite awake… I thought James said, “He turns evil when he changes his socks.” (He actually said thoughts not socks. LoL)

James: *pulls heart ornament out of shoe* “My shoe has a heart!” Amie: “Wow! I knew it had a sole (soul), but never a heart.”

My two little girls are pointing out where Daddy has white hair.

LoL NOW Chris is telling Daddy about how she can see his wrinkles and double chin easier when he doesn’t have a beard.

My 8 yr old daughter who wore lime green pants with a pastel pink top is now critiquing my clothes.

Overheard at my house: “They have no legs! They’re just floating heads!”

“The First Noel” came on and Noelle started yelling, “Turn it off!! I don’t like that song!” Poor girl…

I have a 13 yr old and a 11 yr old dancing to Backyardigans music with a little 1 yr old. I think they’re having more fun than Little A.

Aww.. talking about Thanksgiving. Noelle: “What will Grandma Anna have?” Chris: “She’s in Heaven, so she gets a great feast everyday.”

Me: “So… any cute boys that aren’t on TV?” Amie: “Yeah… but they’re all toddlers.” – Good answer, Amie… good answer.

Noelle ran into a wall… Me: “You have to be careful and watch where you’re going.” Noelle: “How could I? I wasn’t looking!”

My 2 yr old nephew knows the best stuff. He pointed to a picture of a snowy landscape and said, “Narnia!”

Noelle: “We have gravity shoes, so we can stand on the ceiling!” Seriously, this girl makes me laugh to much!!

Noelle: “We need to tell the dragons about Jesus so they will know about Him and be good dragons. Good dragons are awesome and fun.”

AnnaBeth: “Oooo… pretty, cute, nice, handsome Dad!” *throws her arms around him*

From James: “You can call me anything except late for breakfast, late for lunch, or late for dinner.”

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