Happy Birthday to Jill

My very pregnant sister has her birthday today. If I know her husband and MIL, they will not let it go without doing something. I got her a present, but I can’t tell because as you all know, she reads and occasionally posts here. She’ll find out what it is in about a week or two. I got it over the internet since we are so far away from anything except Walmart (which is about 30 min. away) out here. We are traveling down there tonight and tomorrow we’ll be having her daughter’s birthday party. Tabitha will be 2 on Monday. I’ll post then also, probably. Until then, Goodbye!

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Mom to 5 children, born between 1997 and 2003. I enjoy reading books, blogs, and e-mail. I collect instruments and want to learn how to play a good variety of them. I love singing, especially with my children.

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