Long Awaited Health Update #3

Hopefully this will be the last post to catch you all up on what is going on.

The same week that I went to the internal med dr and learned about having an auto-immune disorder, I also had an appointment with my other dr to discuss how my depression/anxiety medicines were doing. There were other things that were going on that I wanted to discuss with her as well.

We talked for a while about many different things and I told her about what the other dr found. She said that some of my symptoms that I were having were not related to the auto-immune disorder. She sent me for some blood tests for her and gave me some meds to take care of the symptoms.

The next Monday, I got a phone call. My thyroid levels were too high and they wanted me to come in after the meds I was taking had taken effect and were finished. That was three weeks ago.

This last Friday, I went back to her. She discussed how she thinks that a lot of stuff that I’ve dealt with throughout my life was probably related to thyroid problems and it’s inability to keep stable levels. Headaches from stress that I used to get long ago at school… (I had to leave school many days during 7th and 8th grades because my headaches were so horrible and then those same headaches started during college.)

She gave me some new medicine to help with my thyroid levels. She said that she was going to keep my depression/anxiety meds on the lowest doses because she thought that these new levels would help a lot. She said I would feel a difference within the first week. I have to say that I already feel better. I’ve felt more like myself. It’s been really wonderful.

So… there you go. I’ve updated you all on what is going on with me.

Thank you so very much for the prayers. I really, really appreciate it.

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  1. I’ve said it already, but I’ll say it again – I am grateful that you’re feeling better. You’re a wonderful person and deserve the best life possible. :) *hugs*, sister-friend.

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