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This song came out a while ago, but this second verse really stood out to me more these last few months.

I heard the doctor,
But what did he say?
I knew I was fine about this time yesterday.
I don’t need answers,
I just need some peace.
I just need someone who could help me get some sleep,
Who could help me get some sleep.

This is from “When a Heart Breaks” by Ben Rector.

I still feel like the days I heard about my different medical conditions are from a dream sometimes. I’m doing pretty good right now. I haven’t been sick in a little over a week and I’ve been a bouncy, happy Pixie. I have been extremely busy, but it’s been mostly fine.

Today, I had a hard time. I forgot to take my meds this morning and about halfway through the day, I flipped out a bit on Jeremy. Poor guy. I guess it is good to see how well my meds are working.

I’m going to take a small break from any and all computer stuff this week though I will still be able to get e-mails on my phone. I think I’m going to unplug myself and just try to relax and have fun. I’ll be back around in a week or so.

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