Sorry It’s Been So Long

I think it’s been a month and a half since I last wrote. I have felt so extremely busy lately, but also feel like hardly anything has gotten done.

In mid-June, the dance recital took place. James did a fabulous job in his jazz routine. I was so impressed with how well he did, especially since this was only his second year of dancing. He also did a good job in his hip hop. Noelle was so cute in her tap outfit and made us all laugh at the way she would look back at her feathered skirt to see the way it moved as she did her little hip movements. She was also quite fun to watch in her ballet dance… as she was about 2 beats off, along with her partner, but they knew the dance and did it all… 2 beats off. I was cracking up a lot watching her. AnnaBeth did well in her ballet routine. She was an adorable skinny deer.

The kids went to their grandparents’ house for two days after that. I spent those days cleaning my house and doing a LOT of laundry.

We went to Six Flags: Great America for the Friday before the Fourth of July. It was so much fun. For most of the kids, this was their first time at a big amusement park. We’d taken James to Holiday World a few years ago, but the girls have never been to one. It was fun watching them get so excited over different and new things.

I signed my three dancers up for summer classes. They love being able to still see their friends and have the classes. I am also taking a class this summer. The studio started offering tap classes and those of you who followed my blog a year and a half ago remember how much I loved tap class. It is popular enough that they have decided to continue offering it through the year. I’m having a lot of fun in that class. It’s so good to dance again. I’ve already registered the kids for their fall dance classes. James is going to be taking Jazz and Hip hop again, plus he’s adding ballet, so it can help him be a better dancer. He is joining the Dance in Love ministry group as well. He’s very excited about that. Noelle is taking ballet and tap again and adding jazz this year. AnnaBeth is going to stick to ballet.

Jeremy was off on a business trip this last week. It’s always rough when he’s gone. I miss him terribly. I had a good amount of migraines while he was gone because I was trying to do so many different things and felt like things were not working out. I needed to take the van for oil and transmission fluid changes and emission testing and went out and found it had a flat tire… and that was just one out of many things that happened.

Ok, I guess I should finish this off with a quick update on my health. I had some blood work done earlier this month for my thyroid levels to see if the medicine is helping. At my dr’s appointment, she said my levels are good for now, so I’m continuing those meds as I have been. I didn’t like the medicine I was taking at night and I told her this. She said we would see how I did without it and so I am slowly weaning myself off of that right now. My anxiety has lessened but I was still having some times that it got too much, so we upped the dosage a bit on the medicine for those. I will be having blood tests on August 9th for my auto-immune disorder. Hopefully, we’ll have more information after that.

And now… I’m going to head out. Talk to you all again later!!

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