Thankful… (Typical Thanksgiving Post)

Yes, I am going to finally break this pattern of NOT posting by posting on my blog about what I’m thankful for on Thanksgiving.

*shakes head* I am pathetic. LoL (I know I’m not… I’m just joking around.)

ANYWAY… here it is.

I am thankful for:

– my husband and his love and help with all I am going through.

– my very helpful children who do so much for me around this house.

– my kitties who love to cuddle with me.

– a guinea pig who squeaks with excitement just to get petted and talked to.

– our extended family for all of the support I’ve gotten especially since my scleraderma diagnosis.

– good health, even though I don’t always feel well, I know I am still doing ok

– humor… without it, life would be bleak

– chocolate… see reason for humor… LoL

– Dr Pepper… ditto reason for chocolate and humor…

– Baby M and Little A for the fun and company they give me while my children are in school.

– awesome friends all over the world

– my Google+ photographers who are encouraging and helpful when I have questions

– my Facebook friends for the prayers and encouragement

– my photography to give me the ability to use my creativity

– the freedom to worship as I want

– a great school for my kids

– glow sticks because they are cheap and very entertaining and extremely fun for photography.

– hairbows to keep my hair out of my face

– the ability to start taking photography classes and learn more about my favorite thing to do

Well, to be honest, I have SO much more to be thankful for, but I’m getting tired. Turkey coma?? Maybe… LoL

I will try to keep this a little more updated. If you want a new post and I haven’t put anything up for a while, just let me know.

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