Uh… Where’s Spring??

I’m back from my week away from the internet. I think it’s good for me to take these little times and totally unplug. Anyway…

It was cold and rainy up until yesterday and BOOM… 90* weather today. It was like the late gray winter weather decided to go as long as it could and then let the heat come in all at once.

Seriously though, I like it. I do miss the 70-80* weather that should have come, but I am very glad it is warm. I don’t do so well with cold. I took a walk down to Walgreens this morning to refill my prescription. I love the sunshine and the slight wind.

Right now, I’m busy with the kids dance rehearsals. They all have extra practices to get ready for the recital in mid-June. AnnaBeth and Noelle got their recital outfits for ballet this last Saturday. I took photos with my phone and will be posting them on FB. I can’t wait to see what Noelle’s got for tap or what James’s outfits will be for hip-hop and jazz. We also have other things to do and I really want to go to the zoo again sometime. I love going to Brookfield zoo. I think this Thursday is free, so hopefully I can take the kids then. (Any of my Chicago-land friends want to join us there?)

I’ve had some lovely times with the three kids that are here. Amie and Chris are down at my in-laws’. I’ve been playing superhero stuff with James and took him out for a little bit the other day. I took the little girls to Pizza Hut and while waiting for our pizza, we put on some music from my phone (not too loud) and danced and sang in our booth. We’ve played with some little dolls and played princess. Today, we all went to see the Kung Fu Panda 2 movie.

Tomorrow… back to work for Jeremy and housework for me.

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