In August, my husband’s younger brother was married. All of us had something to do for it. Jeremy was a groomsman, very handsome in his tuxedo. James was a candlelighter. Amie and Christine greeted people and reminded them to sign the guestbook. AnnaBeth and Noelle were flowergirls. I didn’t have a job with a name, but I was very busy the whole time. I was taking pictures and doing make-up for the girls.

It was a beautiful wedding. My little ones had a blast throwing the flowers all over the aisle. All of my kids are very excited to have their new aunt. Up until now, my sister was their only real aunt. They have many great-aunts and “adopted” aunts, but now they have another aunt.

We had another wedding this month. My very good friend, Sarah, married a very sweet southern gentleman. I had the privilege of being one of her bridesmaids. I’ve never been a bridesmaid before and I enjoyed getting all dressed up. It was a small wedding and it was lovely. AnnaBeth got to be a flowergirl for this wedding as well. The ring bearer thought AnnaBeth’s job looked fun, so he grabbed petals out of the basket and started throwing them as well. It was SO adorable.

The reception was different. The guests stayed seated and the wedding party, minus the bride and groom, served the guests cake and punch. I took care of the bride and groom with the help of my children. James did some candid photos for me and I took some as well. The only dancing was the bride and groom, the bride with her father, and the groom with his mother. Then they climbed into an Amish buggy and left with a ringing of bells. It was very cool.

We have another wedding coming up in November. My cousin is getting married. My sister’s daughters will be the flowergirls in that wedding. I look forward to seeing my dad’s family again, especially since I missed the family reunion this summer. I will enjoy welcoming his bride into the family and taking pictures.

I’m sorry it took so long to write about these. I haven’t been feeling my best lately.

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