Weekend in TN

It takes a lot to get me to travel 10 hrs away for just a weekend, but the wedding of my “little sister” was very worth it.

I stayed with one friend and we talked and talked. I got to know her husband and children a bit better. Her two year old attached herself to me whenever I was at the house. It was very sweet.

The wedding was so beautiful. I got there and was pulled into the bridal room to get lots of hugs from the Bride and her family. I spent a lot of time with them when I lived up the street from them. We talked a little and then I left to let them finish getting ready for the wedding.

I had a lot of fun at the reception. Most of the time was spent catching up, meeting husbands of all three girls, and a bit of dancing with the oldest sister. We got a bit crazy silly at the end of the reception. It was fun. I couldn’t help crying as I left. I felt like I hadn’t had enough time with them. I love them so much.

I went to church with the friend I stayed with and got to see her mom and sister (and family) and Mamaw. LoL Mamaw may not be our grandma by genetics, but we all called her that and she treated Jill and me the same as her own grandkids. It was very good to see them all again.

After church, I had my 10 hr drive home, so I took off after saying good-bye to everyone. It had rain all the way home, but it wasn’t too bad. I got home and my kids were still up, so I got some good hugs and Charlie made sure I got kitty rubs on my legs too.

The girls all asked if I could come back and bring my kids with me next time. We’ll have to figure out a time when we can do that. I think they would all have a lot of fun together.

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